I believe that strong, balanced businesses aren’t built that way by accident.

They’re intentionally designed – and often, redesigned – with a clear foundation.

I come alongside solo entrepreneurs who’ve gotten stuck in the day-to-day complexity of running a business.

Together, we get clear on exactly how they add value and create a focused strategy to drive the results they’re working for.

My Story

From founding successful startups to consulting with global clients – Google, Spotify, Netflix, Unilever, Twitter, Pepsico, and Uber, to name a few – I’ve spent the past decade immersed in the worlds of consumer research and strategy.

And I’ve found that one of the biggest things that separates the companies who thrive from those who fizzle out is the ability to create an offer that aligns with what their target market is actually looking for.

Bringing the right offer to the right people is the difference between plateauing – or burning out – and building a strong, sustainable business that you actually enjoy.

That discovery has drawn me to focus on consulting with solo entrepreneurs – so that they can understand their audiences, build products that sell, and grow their companies without overwhelm.

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“Always eager to understand our strategy and desired outcome.”

Thiago helped us lead consumer research sessions with amazing professionalism, always eager to understand our strategy and desired outcome as to ask the necessary questions and get clear insights from consumers (not only hearing what they said, but also getting to what they really meant). A key enabler to the progression and further development of our platform.

– Eugenio Rodriguez, Diageo

Let’s take your business further, faster.

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