Six Days to Understanding what your ideal client wants

Understand what your ideal client wants, so you can create solutions that fly off the shelf

“Thiago does what he coaches people to do – and a lot of coaches don’t.”

He clearly cares about people and wants to help them gain the freedom and life that he has.

– Emma Jones, Geminii Coaching

Do you have the feeling that your business is stuck, and not moving forward?

The way most entrepreneurs start, is with a “great idea”.
The problem is that while they might love their idea, their ideal client might not share that feeling.
In fact, 42% of new businesses fail because they built something no one wanted
There is a better way – Starting with a problem

In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the right problems to solve, so you can build solutions your ideal client can’t wait to get their hands on:

— 1 —

Why most new businesses fail and how to not be one of them

Building things no one wants is one of the killer reasons why new businesses fail. In this course we’ll talk about why that happens and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you

— 2 —

How to identify the best opportunities for a new product or service

Life’s too short to work on the wrong problems. We’ll talk about how to identify great opportunities to build a business on, and solve problems no one else is solving

— 3 —

How to create offers your target can’t wait to put their hands on

Ever hear that “if you build it, they will come?”
We’ll talk about how to remove that from your process and build offers that solve your target’s biggest problems

You’ll walk away with clarity on…

The mission and vision for exactly what you want to achieve

What you offer, who you’re offering it to, and how to get your offer in front of your ideal clients

The few tasks that are vital for your success, and how to separate the “vital few” from the “trivial many”


Hey, I’m Thiago

I’ve worked my way from independent entrepreneur to agency owner – and ultimately realized I’m more interested in building a fulfilling life than scaling to eight figures or hustling my weekends away.

Now, I’m taking what I’ve learned from that experience – along with 10+ years as an independent consultant for global brands like Netflix and Unilever – to help you get clear on what you want in life and design a business that supports it.

I’m excited to join you on the path to a successful, balanced business – whatever that looks like for you.

Ready to remove the guesswork and gain more clarity on the business you’re trying to build?

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